The New Zealand Flag Institute (“NZFI”) was established in 2004 to promote the flag. It aims to further knowledge of the New Zealand national flag; promote flying of the flag; and conduct vexillological research, particularly into the history of the flag. It will also promote the use and study of other flags with a New   Zealand connection.

During the short time in which it has been operating, the NZFI has already established a presence on the internet [at http://www.nzflaginstitute.org]; developed educational material for use in schools; and been actively lobbying for the flag to be flown more often. The New Zealand Department of Inland Revenue has granted the NZFI status as an approved charity.

Contacts are being established with interested organisations, including patriotic societies, the Royal New Zealand Returned and Services Association, and vexillological and heraldic groups, both within New Zealand and abroad.

The flag is the heritage and birthright of all New Zealander’s. The New Zealand Flag Institute aspires to an ambitious goal: to bring about a resurgence of interest in, and understanding of, the New Zealand flag. We owe our children this.

John Cox

Executive Director