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  1. When asking about alternative designs you give six options to choose from. I believe the flag should change but none of the options you offer are acceptable. Why don’t you have an option – NONE OF THESE ?

  2. Has the Commonweath Games Flag Of 1974 been considered for replacing the Union Jack , leaving the Southern Cross where it is. The 1974 flag clearly identifies ‘NZ” The Silver Fern is not always recognised overseas. Using the Commonwealth Games flag would make the replacement cost much less than the $62million,spoken about as it could be oversewn on existing flags

  3. The present flag has meaning for me: I served and worked for the NAVY and NZDF, I am a past NZ sport representative and have attended most ANZAC day Ceremonies to show my thoughts for those thousands of 16yr boys that were killed while serving NZ under this flag. I believe in the term under this flag as usually you are looking up at that flag and ofcourse the Treaty of NZ and Maori this country has its foundations and that’s what I believe in the culture and identity. John Key has his own agenda here he has gone down in my estimation of a New Zealander

  4. The idea of changing the New Zealand flag seems suited to the personal agenda of our current Prime Minister, Mr John Key who perhaps consciously or unconsciously wants his name recorded in the history of New Zealand as the leader that changed the flag. The money he and his government wants to spend on this futile exercise is, to say least obscene. I have seen comments where the expenditure is in some way connected to democracy. For me democracy is about every New Zealand citizen being proud of our heritage which includes our British origins, the Treaty of Waitangi and our Maori culture. New Zealander’s died in major world wars under our current flag and did so with pride. Changing it is simply an enormous waste of money that if our government was at all responsible could be spent on real social issues, like health, education, affordable housing and issues of social justice.

  5. The Flag of New Zealand Represent’s New Zealand’s British Heritage and Ties with the United Kingdom and is simple and

    Rather than going through the Rigmarole of Changing the Flag of New Zealand it would be Better to spend time and
    resources on Social Issues such as Health Education and the Gulf between Rich and Poor

    The Maori’s have their own cultural Flag and have used Red Ensigns their could be a Flag for British New Zealanders
    such as the Union Jack with New Zealand Stars upon

    • There are no specific protocols, where there is only a single pole. There are rules where more than one flag pole is erected, in a line or circle, etc. I would otherwise say that so long as the flag is not underneath a overhanging building or edifice, and is not hidden behind a wall or other obstacle, it should be fine. The key is to maximise the distance that the flag can be seen without being obscured by other buildings or structures.

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